Vitane Pharma

by vitane


to Vitane Pharma GmbH, Germany

Vitane Pharma has gone a successful way since our beginnings in the early eighties. Today we are an innovative, fast growing company with over 1.000 employees and operations in more than 25 countries around the world.

However, while we continue to grow and develop our business all around the globe, we also recognize that it is our people, ideas and values that enable us to do what we do.

Vitane Pharma is a company that have created and maintained an environment where close relationships, both between our own team and with our customers, are nurtured. Our focus is on people – underpinning everything we do as a company is the significance and emphasis we place on our biggest asset: our staff.

Our dedicated, customer-orientated team provides a personal and professional service to our partners, doctors and patients – building relationships along the way.

Our mission:
Serve mankind with the novel healthcare solutions to provide and improve the Quality to Life.

Our vision:
To create awareness, among the people about the importance of nutrition that helps to build maintain and vitality. To be known as a healthcare company that focus on improving and providing Quality to Life.